How to Contribute


The best way to learn about JEMMA and its features is to follow the wiki-based tutorials, HOWTOs and manuals indexed in the Documentation section. More generic technical and research-oriented documentation (e.g. papers, white-papers, etc.) is available here.

The JEMMA source code can always be accessed from the official JEMMA GitHub page. You can also download the latest snapshot of the full code repository in .zip or .tar.gz format.

Interested in contributing ?

The JEMMA development team is always looking for developers willing to help us improving the system. You can follow this guide to get the code and set-up your Eclipse environment and develop JEMMA.

The main on-going, planned and requested developments can be discovered from the Milestones page or by directly accessing the JEMMA GitHub tracker. A number of small JEMMA-related project ideas suitable e.g. for BSc/MSc Thesis is also available Thesis Ideas page.

Contributions (new features, bug fixes, etc. ) can also be made directly by forking us on GitHub and submitting your pull requests.

In case you find some bugs, you can check existing issues on the JEMMA GitHub tracker or in the Mailing List archives. If you don't find the solution, please signal your issue to the Mailing List .