Verified Hardware

This pages provides a list of devices suitable for use with JEMMA. Check out this page for instructions on how to have new hardware added to this table. A legend explaining the meaning of the "status" icons is available at the bottom of the page.

ZigBee Dongles

Model Vendor Description Status Notes
Flexkey FlexGrid FlexKey is the most compact Zigbee USB Dongle available on the market today. Due to its outstanding RF performance enables covers secure and reliable wireless connectivity between internal and external environment. verified (v0.0.1) -
MC1322x Freescale Advanced ZigBee compliant Platform-in-Package(PiP) for the 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Standard verified (v0.0.1) -
KW2x FreeScale The Kinetis KW2x MCU is a low power, compact integrated device consisting of a high-performance 2.4 GHz IEEE® 802.15.4 compliant radio transceiver and a powerful ARM® Cortex®-M4 core system with connectivity and precision mixed signal analog peripherals verified (v1.0.0) see tutorial here

Note: A page collecting ZigBee dongles being considered for support in JEMMA is also available here


Model Vendor Description Status Notes
FlexGateway FlexGrid FlexGateway is a versatile Ethernet gateway that allows bridging between Ethernet and the classic HAN - Home Area Network and acting as coordinator ZigBee Home Automation in the network. verified (v0.0.1) -
Gemino Reference Design Gemino S.R.L. Application gateway for M2M applications based on the Ikanos Vx185 DSL processor. verified (v0.2) Press release available here
Raspberry PI Raspberry PI Low-cost credit-card sized computer verified (v0.0.1) Tutorial here.

Zigbee Devices

Model Vendor Description Status Notes
4Noks Smart Plug 4Noks A ZigBee-compatible smart plug. verified (v0.2) -
Bitron Home 902010/27 Temperature/Humidity Sensor Bitron Home, Urmet Group Wireless temperature / humidity sensor with display verified (v0.2) -
SmartPlug BitronHome Bitron Home, Urmet Group ZigBee-based smart plug verified (v1.0.0) -
Remote Control BitronHome Bitron Home, Urmet Group ZigBee-based remote control should work -
PIR BitronHome Bitron Home, Urmet Group Zigbee-based presence sensor. should work -
Smoke Detector BitronHome Bitron Home, Urmet Group Zigbee-based smoke detector. should work -
Magnetic contact for door/window BitronHome Bitron Home, Urmet Group Zigbee-based magnetic contact. should work -
Pearl Thermostat Centralite A ZigBee HA 1.2 thermostat verified (v0.2) -
3-Series Door and Window Sensor Centralite Door and Window Sensor should work -
3-Series Moisture Sensor Centralite Moisture Sensor should work -
3-Series Motion Sensor Centralite PIR-based Motion Sensor should work -
3-Series Temperature & Humidity Sensor Centralite Temperature & Humidity Sensor should work -
3-Series Appliance Module Centralite Outlet (US-Version) should work -
Smart Info Enel Enel smart info is the first device provided by an electric utility which makes the certified consumption and generation data measured by the electronic smart meter available in consumers' houses. When it is plugged into any electric socket of the house, it can be configured in few minutes to be able to exchange data with the electronic meter through powerline. Electrical consumption and generation (for producers of renewable energy by photovoltaic or mini-eolic plants) can be monitored and analyzed on general purpose or dedicated user interfaces, such as home energy displays, personal computers and smart phones. verified (v0.0.1) -
FlexPlug FlexGrid FlexPlug is an innovative SmartPlug. FlexPlug makes intelligent all electronic devices. Wireless communication is made possible thanks to the ZigBee Home Automation profile. All information is sent to the network that coordinates, or FlexDisplay FlexGateway. FlexPlug measure the power consumption of electronic devices (appliances, TV, Set-Top-Box, electric water heater, PC, lights ...) and controls, via a remote control, the power switch. verified (v0.0.1) -
Smart Aqualtis Dishwasher Indesit Company See the description of Smart Aqualtis Washing Machine verified (v0.0.1) -
Smart Aqualtis Fridge Indesit Company See the description of Smart Aqualtis Washing Machine verified (v0.0.1) -
Smart Aqualtis Oven Indesit Company See the description of Smart Aqualtis Washing Machine verified (v0.0.1) -
Smart Aqualtis Washing Machine Indesit Company Smart Aqualtis is the first Indesit Company washing machine designed to be integrated in ‘Smart’ ecosystems, covering a wide range of use cases. The Cost Awereness function notifies the user of the estimated cost for the selected cycle based on a time based tariff while with the Energy Awareness functionality the washing machine calculates, visualizes and dispatches the energy and power consumption to the HAN during the selection and execution of the cycle. Thanks to the Coordinated Energy Management and to the Demand Response Management functions, the washing machine plays an active role in the energy ecosystem being capable of optimizing the power consumption in the home and of scheduling the starting time ensuring the cheapest or the greenest cycle, whilst always respecting the user’s constraints. verified (v0.0.1) -
SmartCode ZigBee Kwikset The SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect Technology featuring Zigbee enables the door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in home. The lock allows the user through a web enabled device to remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door and receive text or email messages. verified (v1.0.0) -
DALI Gateway MAC S.R.L. A DALI gateway used for lighting system verified (v0.2) -
HUE lights Philips LED bulb able to display different tones of white light as well as any color. verified (v0.1) -
RELOC RED4S RELOC RELOC RED4S is a state-of-the-art multiple environmental sensor unit. RED4S device is a Home Automation 1.2 Golden Unit, featuring temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and ambient light sensors. RED4S is battery powered (2x standard 1.5V AA batteries) and provides user with an easy interface based on multicolor LED indicator and single button. RED4S sensor data reporting can be fully configured by means of JEMMA framework, selecting an event-driven basis or monitoring at regular intervals. verified (v0.2) -
Shutter Control J1 UBISYS Drives your shutters/blinds up and down, with integrated power consumption metering. verified -
Shutter Control J1-R UBISYS Same as Shutter control J1 but DIN rail-mount (fuse box installation). verified -
Universal Dimmer D1 UBISYS A dimmer for all kinds of lighting devices, with integrated power consumption metering. verified -
Level Control D1-R UBISYS Same as Universal dimmer D1 but DIN rail-mount (fuse box installation). verified -
YALE Door Lock YALE A ZigBee Door Lock device used to remotely manage and control your house’s accesses verified (v1.0.0) -
Wulian Temperature/Humidity Sensor Wulian Zigbee-based Temperature/Humidity sensors should work -

IP Devices

Initial support for IP devices is expected in release 1.0. Full Architectural support through the DAL will be instead introduced in 2015. This table includes a number of products which have been preliminary tested stand-alone but not yet fully integrated in JEMMA.

Model Vendor Description Status Notes
SerComm RC8261 SerComm Wireless Pan/Tilt IP Camera should work (v0.2) Support for Pan/Tilt control integrated; to be generalized through the DAL in release 1.0

Icon Legend

Here the meaning of icons on the "status" level.

  • verified = Verified (with first JEMMA version where verification has been completed)
  • should work = Should work (= compliant with supported ZigBee standard or already tested with some partial component of JEMMA, but not tested with the full solution)
  • incompatible = Incompatible (proven not to work - with link to the related issue on the JEMMA Tracker)

Note: text in the tables of this page has been provided either by vendors or by contributors which have integrated/tested HW with JEMMA.